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Tired of the Same Old, Dated Halloween Games and Crafts? Looking for new and FUN –  Halloween Party Games For Kids  this year?



Want Halloween games, prizes, coloring sheets, fun Halloween recipes and party crafts that children of any age can enjoy? *And that adults can enjoy as well!



We have 94 Colorful Pages of Exclusive Halloween Games and Prizes For Kidsready for download right here {along with some really cool bonuses that will take your Halloween Party for the Kids to the next level}, right now.  Your kids will love to browse through the book, look at the pictures, print the pictures and color in the coloring pages included as well.  They will also love the Printable Halloween Prizes!


Get your copy today and receive our outstanding bonuses too!

(Bonuses include:  exclusive Halloween Crafts, Halloween Party Recipes For All Ages,
Halloween Safety Tips and Halloween Party Invitations).

This best selling eBook on Halloween Games for Kids and it’s outstanding bonuses’ have been downloaded by THOUSANDS of PARENTS and TEACHERS since 2006!  Don’t miss your chance to GET YOUR COPY this year. These Halloween Party Games For Kids are easy to follow, easy to play and out of this world FUN for everyone!

Dear Halloween Parent or Teacher,

Do you have serious desire to find new, safe and Fun Halloween Party Ideas, Games and Activities for Kids every single year?   Are you tired of the same old ideas and downloads posted all over the net.

Don’t worry, I am right there with you.

My name is Cijaye.  I am the owner of this site and author of the best selling Halloween Party Books you will see below.

I love Halloween with all of it’s Hollywood Scenery, vivid colors and once a year wildness!  PLUS, the sheer fact that you can be someone different (by wearing costumes) for a day is just way too cool to ignore!   Topping myself every year is a constant quest and worth every moment I put into it!

My ongoing search for new Halloween Party Ideas EVERY SINGLE YEAR may be unique to yours…but I do it repeatedly and I am confident the with findings I have  gathered and evolved,  I can save you some time and money in your searches too.

Here’s my background: I have a son who was born late October (yep, he’s literally within days of Halloween).  Every year at this time, parents are busy thinking about Halloween Costumes, Halloween Candy (and in my town, their Hollywood Style Halloween Decor for their homes) while I am thinking about that and how to throw the coolest Halloween Birthday Party EVER!

Everything I do at Halloween makes my kids and I OVERJOYED !  We are giddy and full of life as we make halloween party recipes (owl cupcakes, edible fingers, worms in dirt and so on), decorate the entire house from the front door to the main living space with all things Halloween!  We just love it.

So what cooler birthday party than one where you can wear a costume, play games in the dark, eat ghoulish looking treats and get the most amazing goody bags EVER!

Every year we (my kids, my team of Halloween helpers and I) search for new Halloween Games and Activities – as well as prize ideas and even recipe ideas and we add them to our collection and even outdo ourselves each and every year!

So if you are looking for Halloween Party Ideas or Halloween Games for Kids, you are ABSOLUTELY in the right place!

We’ve done ALL THE WORK FOR YOU! I promise.

Every year we (my son, daughter and I (and even my mom)) search the Internet, Craft Magazines and even Book Stores for new Halloween Ideas. Most of what we find – year after year is the same recycled game concepts and activities over and over and over again.*Admittedly they are getting better now that this time of year is becoming a little more popular on the NET…but…there’s still a LOT of the same stuff on every site floating around.

(I mean seriously – how many times have you seen the paint/decorate the pumpkin or carve the pumpkin in a different way thing…THAT IS NOT ALL THERE IS TO HALLOWEEN friends…I promise you).

Anyhow….my point is there have been VERY FEW new, creative Halloween party ideas, nor were there any variations that made the traditional games suitable for all ages.

We’ve been doing annual Halloween Party thing for 12 years now and truly – we got tired of running the rat race around other resources and finding the same old stuff.

My son wants a FUN HALLOWEEN EXPERIENCE and a FUN HALLOWEEN PARTY every year - not the same old, boring parties with the same recycled Halloween Games!  And as he and his friends get older every year,  he also needs to cooler stuff that is age appropriate to appease his friends  every year too.

So…we collect and compile EVERYTHING!  As a scrapbooker I literally have piles and piles of books with printouts and cutouts and recipes and more!  I keep everything and I refer to it every year!

One interesting thing that occures at halloween time as well is that my daughter who is 3 years younger than my son, also needs age appropriate halloween games and foods to eat.  We let her invite her friends to the parties usually too.


Aside from the party themes, decor and games themselves…we also need Halloween Coloring Pages, Halloween Crafts,  Easy Printable Halloween Prizes and so much more! Just to ensure that all the kids (no matter what age) get something at the Halloween Party that they are excited about!

There is no shortage of printable coloring pages on the net, this we definitely know.  But there are little to NO HALLOWEEN PRIZES for Halloween Kids Games. NOTHING!

What a bummer that was when we first got started with all of this.  I thought for sure – with Halloween being such a big event every year, for many years and with all of the Halloween Games for kids out there – that there would be some sort of printable halloween prizes for games.  But we were S.O.L. to say it nicely.

For so many logical reasons we refuse to settle for giving out only CANDY as prizes.  There’s just no “value” in that and parents would prefer not to have any more candy thrown at their kids anyhow.


So, we finally gave up on it all and got our own creative juices running!

We created our own Halloween Games for Kids Book – with our  own Coloring Pages to correspond with MANY of the games AND we created our own – totally awesome printable Halloween Game Prizes.

We ALSO bundled all of that with a few other amazing TREATS that we knew every great teacher or parent needs for their Halloween Party with Kids needed – and here we have it…and its even better this year – than previous years!

Our Halloween Games 4 Kids book is a BEST SELLER during Halloween every year and we have not had 1 single refund EVER!!

(We have had some parents mention that some of the recipes are not good for little kids (they are too scary) but we have so many more that ARE, so with 200+ pages of halloween food recipes, we simply suggest that you use your discretion in choosing the ones that are best for your age group – that’s usually enough)

Anyhow, that aside…you might be interested to know that our best selling Halloween Party Bundle has been selling year after year and we get a TON of responses from parents on how great it is.

With the most recent updates we have outdone our own expectations. I’d  like to introduce it to you.

“This has been the best kept SECRET to throwing the most AMAZING HALLOWEEN PARTIES EVER for teachers, parents and FUN Halloween Folks – since 2006!!!”

Don’t miss your opportunity to get in on the secret this year!

INSTANT PDF ebook + ALL Bonuses
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Now included in this amazing Halloween Party Package for Kids are

94 pages of Halloween Games for Kids

with game pieces, halloween coloring pages, halloween game prizes and so many great goodies!

Just look at how much FUN these kids had with our games…
We want your children to feel exactly the same way.

Daymon says.. (photo @ Age 6)

daydayThe party stuff for halloween games are way more fun with this book. I’ve love them all.

Even the regular games that we always played in school or daycamp have been made cooler because of this book.  I don’t know how;  they just are.  Maybe they make more sense so they seem more fun.

I am really excited to try all of the games some time!  I know my friends will too.  There is just too many to choose from to do it all now.

Devon said: (@ Age 8 )

day-bdayI liked the idea of bobbing for apples but its really hard to get water up your nose and all over your face and sometimes the apples get really bruised and taste gross! We don’t want to eat them.

I can’t breath underwater well either.

Bobbing for cookies is way cooler, way yummier and makes this game really fun.  Plus the cookies don’t bruise.

Tamara says: (@ Age 6)

mama1“The ghost races are the best. First you get to make your ghosts – and they are so easy! Plus you can do whatever you want with them.  My ghost was green with huge googly eyes.

Next you get to race them against other kids ghosts.  Which is also fun!  Even if you don’t win you get to keep the ghosts. (I won though!  I had the best STRAW – that’s why).

Thats the best part.  Oh and the straws are a really fun part of the game too.  I want to play this game every year with all of my friends.  It’s too fun.  Plus I will win every time.”

Luke said: (@ Age 9)

“When mom brought the Ghost Races game to school – we loved it!  We got to make the ghosts, race the ghosts and take them home.  I made another one for my sister and now we do it at home too!”

Sammy said: (@ Age 9)

“I loved the Survivor Prize Certificate.  It made my mom proud when I brought it home!”

Madame Desrosiers (Grade 4 Teacher Said)

I appreciate this package very much.  I especially like how there are so many games to choose from and how the games are age appropriate for all elementary students.  This is a great package.  I am glad I bought it. Thank you.

Silvaine said:

Mrs. Cijaye.  Your book was very helpful in a time of panic for me and my family.  We were asked to host a halloween party for the school and we had very little time to prep or plan let alone search the book stores for books/ideas.  The fact that I could download everything within minutes of buying and have party ideas and games that I didn’t need to buy a whole stores worth of supplies for ; it was a life saver in the least.

I have recommended this package to many friends.  I hope they buy from you too.  Maybe next time we won’t be in such a panic for the halloween party.

Mrs. Lamonte (grade 5 teacher) said:  The kids just love the fear factor and survivor inspired games and prizes.  I’ve never seen anything like them anywhere else and they just loved them. It was also great to share the safety tips with all the kids and quiz them on them.  Many of the parents were very thankful when the kids came home with new measures to be secure Halloween night. I couldn’t have imagined things would go any better this Halloween to be honest.  I look forward to using this book again next year. I thank you very much for putting this package together.

Mr. Hundle said:  I was looking for printable halloween cards and I didn’t much like the ones I found on the internet until I saw the ones on your site. I was very pleased that I got some for free with your package even though you sell others individually.  I really liked that I could print 4 per page – and use simple word text boxes to add the text.  That was so easy and they looked so great in the end.  Thank you.

Kids love these games – your great kids will too!


Included in this book… are:

Halloween Games, Coloring Pages and Prizes to  Match!
Great for kids of all ages (from Preschool to 12 Years Old)

Halloween Party games
Halloween School games
Halloween Classroom games
Halloween Family games and…
New Variations Of Old, Traditional Halloween Games
Printable Halloween Pages
Halloween Activities for Kids
(ie: Coloring Pages, Word Games & Puzzles)
Great Halloween Invitation Tips and…
Exclusive Halloween Prizes (not available anywhere else!)

Download ALL of these great Halloween Game Instructions and Bonuses Immediately : NOW Only $4.99


You are now ONLY moments away from being able to download over 90 pages of Halloween Games and prizes for kids, over 280 pages of Halloween Recipes, Free Halloween Party Invitations as well as the most CRITICAL potentially life saving Halloween Safety Tips  your children could ever have!

Don’t waste another moment, Halloween is only DAYS away now!!!

We finally did it!  Now it’s your chance.  Give your child the excitement of introducing something new to his/her friends at school.  Give your child the social edge he/she desires.

This book truly is a one of a kind, and exclusive to this website.

It includes some of the coolest, new Halloween Games and Activities for Kids at School, in the Classroom and For Parties that you will ever find. All Halloween Games and Activities were inspired by popular Reality TV shows (like Survivor and Fear Factor) and Popular / Traditional Halloween Games for all ages!

Kids love this stuff!

But as always – there is so much more to Halloween for Kids than just the games, coloring pages and prizes.  They love the fun factor of frightening halloween food recipes too…

So we are here to make sure that your kids can get these too!


Also included in this frightfully awesome Halloween Party Kit for Kids are 286 pages of Halloween Recipes!
(PLEASE BEWARE – these recipes will range in spooky appearance.  You must use your own discretion on which your children will be comfortable with – there are just way too many recipes in this book – some may be too mature for young children – while others may be too immature for teens and above).



I want your children to have access to these games.  I want your children to have access to the crafts and activities – and even the spooky recipes.

I also want your children to be fully prepared when it comes to halloween safety.

Don’t you?

Here’s something you may not know about Halloween and Halloween Safety: It is a known fact across the globe that pedestrian accidents are at their highest on Halloween Night. The risk of death more than doubles for Children on this night as well and this is ABSOLUTELY intolerable. We must work towards decreasing this statistic. www.HalloweenGames4Kids.com wants to do its part in keeping all children safe while also keeping the fun alive!  This is why we feel that it’s critical to bundle the Ultimate Guide for Halloween Safety with your Halloween Party downloads today!

SO – when you act today – you also get the absolute best of the best in Halloween Safety Tips – devoted to keeping your child and family safe on Halloween Eve.


Now back to the fun stuff…a Halloween Party with Great Halloween Games, Great Halloween Recipes and all of the safety you need – is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN without the party invitations right?

So we made sure to think of this as well  – – – when you purchase this Halloween Party Collection today  you also get 3 exclusive – READY TO PRINT, PRINTABLE HALLOWEEN PARTY INVITATIONS for Microsoft Word and 4 Professionally Designed, Printable Halloween Name Cards or Book Marks – your choice.  All you need to do is add your own party details and print away!!!!


We’ve included the template as well as STEP by STEP instructions to make these Halloween Party Invitations the EASIEST they could possibly be for your upcoming Halloween Party.  

Plus we’ve included the following graphic set that has been used as name cards, bookmarks, or additional banners for your own customized Halloween Party announcements!


Halloween Artistry!  One of Halloweens Leading eBooks on Halloween Crafts!

These Are Some Of The Project Ideas You Will Find In This Book :

Bats And Spiders And Such
Outside Decorations
Edible Crafts
Paper Plate Mask
Halloween Scrapbook Supplies
Halloween Paper Crafts For Kids
Halloween Haunted House – 3 Impressive Ghost Crafts
Halloween Food Crafts For Kids
Halloween Crafts From Household Material – 2 Easy Tricks
Kids Crafting The Halloween Decor – 4 Enormous Tricks
Free And Easy Toddler Halloween Crafts
Making Egg Carton Bats – 2 Simple Ways
Learn Pumpkin Carvings – Key Is Practice
Free Halloween Crafts Using Terra Cotta Pots
Free Printable Kids Halloween Crafts
Ghost Glove Puppet
Halloween Bat Crafts
Halloween Crafts For Older Kids
Halloween Craft Party Decorations
Edible Halloween Crafts
Egg Carton Crafts
Free Printable Halloween Crafts
Halloween Scrapbook Layouts
& Skeleton Crafts

*Just to name a few….

So you see…

We have thought of absolutely everything we could to make YOUR CHILD’s HALLOWEEN – their best HALLOWEEN EVER!

Go ahead and get your Halloween Party Collection today!


Happy Haunting.

Cijaye DePradine.
Owner of Halloween Games 4 Kids.com

P.S. If you had ever visited our site before October 2009 – or even purchased recent editions of this product from us – we want you to know that we have expanded the original Ultimate Halloween Games For Kids Book from just under 40 pages to OVER 90 pages!

P.P.S.: We also  added new halloween games for kids. We added new halloween pictures to color and to play games with.  We also improved our halloween game prizes JUST FOR YOU!

So we thought of everything…

P.P.P.S: PLUS – when you get this massive list of halloween games for kids – you also get 3 FREE,  Halloween Party Invitations - and 4 Namecards or bookmarks ready to edit and print!

AND we’ve included one of the Internet’s Best Selling Halloween Recipe Books (for all ages) and our Halloween Safety Guide for Kids book – just to sweeten the deal!

All of this has brought endless fun and excitement to Halloween Party Kids across the globe and now its only a click away for YOUR KIDS!

NOW Only $4.99

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