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Looking for entertaining and decorative Halloween Activities this weekend?

Halloween is fun for everyone, especially kids who love to play dressup.  Unless they are into theatre, when else do they get to play with makeup and pretend they are monsters (most parents can argue that one out), superheroes, and celebrities or get to eat tons of candy and run around the neighborhood being encouraged to scare people exactly?  

But Halloween isn’t just about dress up anymore. You can decorate, do crafts, make cool halloween recipes and just go all out if you want to.  And it’s FUN for everyone. It’s like a mini theatrical production for one day a year.  So much fun.  So why not plan early and make it the most fun possible right?

So where do you start?

Halloween is one of the most loved holidays and here are three fun things you can do with your kids to get ready for the holiday to get you started.

Creating a Haunted Castle

This was something I always enjoyed doing in college, is easy to do and will help to keep your kids entertained for hours.  You buy large sheets of foamboard or Styrofoam and have an adult burn out bricks by using a kitchen lighter to carve out where the cement or mortar would be.  Then when everything cools off (almost instantly), the castle walls are ready to cut to fit your porch or to cover part of the front of your house and make a spooky castle entry way.  


Give the kids paint to paint the bricks and the mortar whatever color they want.  If you really want to get creative, cut out a window and let them paint a character, person or monster to stare out of the window.  You can also let them get creative by putting on animals, glitter, cutouts, using colors that wouldn’t normally appear on castles or having them create the theme.  They can then add on fake spiders, spider webs and other things which you would find in a scary castle.  You can even add in ghosts that hang from the ceilings.  

Then if your kids are out trick or treating and you are back home handing out candy, you can quickly change into one of your favorite witch costumes and get ready to put a fun little scare into them by creeping out of their Haunted Castle when they return. You may need to tag team on the timing with someone on this – but it certainly gives you all a lot more to get a kick out of!

AND: if you want to go all out with it, you can also stand beside the castle with an eerie look in your face, stirring a smokey cauldron. 

 (For this smokey cauldron effect, just take a leak proof black cauldron, fill it with warm water and then drop in dry ice and place the candy bowl over it to create a scary effect.  Just don’t let the kids near the dry ice and watch your hands as it can be very dangerous.)   

Make Caramel App-o-Lanterns – from http://www.apronsshop.com    

One thing that is always enjoyable for kids that are old enough to carve pumpkins is carving their favorite snacks or doing MORE with them than usual.  

For example, the kids can take apples and a pumpkin carving kit (or have an adult do this part); hollow out an apple with a knife and then let your kids carve their favorite scary face into the apple.  

Then take liquid caramel sauce and pour it through the top of the hollowed out apple so that the caramel pours through the mouth.  Now take apple slices and lay them around the apple and pour caramel sauce over the bottoms of the apples.  Now your kids have something really fun and creepy to look at and take pictures with PLUS it’s a fun way to eat a healthy snack for Halloween.  


Make Halloween Gift Baskets For Friends Or Family Overseas

One thing that is tricky for families is when you have someone travelling, in the military or for family members that just moved to another town – it’s especially difficult if they were always part of your Halloween adventures.  So one fun holiday gift or idea besides sending something like gourmet gift baskets , is to send one filled with all kinds of Halloween gags.  You can work together as a family and build your own too.  

First: Have your kids draw a scary monster on a card and sign it with a funny name.  

Then let them choose fun things to put in like head bands with alien antennas or pumpkins that bounce around on top, wax candy vampire teeth and lips or even a fun animatronic dancing ghost or skeleton.   

Next have them wrap up and package the gift and then send it by mail to the person or people they miss the most.

Let the parents of the person they miss know that the gift basket is coming and when they get it, have the families or friends talk over skype and let them catch up.  Your kid will have fun showing off his or her costume and the kid or person overseas will love showing off how much they love the gift basket.  


We know that getting ready for Halloween can be hard work.

You have to put costumes together, decorate and even help to get your kids ready and to not be scared.  By letting them have fun, prepping them weeks in advance and making sure they know that it is for fun and to not be scared, you can have a fun and fabulous Halloween.  By having your kids help decorate your house, you can also help to keep them busy and be excited to show off how cool their houses look.

This will create a sense of pride in your children and keep the family active and inspired together!


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