How and Why Halloween Games 4 Kids Got Started.

The answer to this is really quite simple. My son was born on October 21st and as soon as he was able to chose the friends he wanted to invite to his birthday and the type of event that he’d like to make of it; the theme of Halloween naturally followed.

We’ve done everything from face painting on the day of, to full halloween costume attire, kid friendly halloween music, halloween themed goody bags and the whole deal. I’ve made computer generated and handmade Halloween Cards and I’ve even made pumpkin cakes!

The game side however was always lacking. Sure there were a lot of ideas on the Internet that were useful – but after doing 3-5 activities per party (since 2002) – we quickly exhausted those ideas.

It has also become a bit of a personal quest to “outdo” last year, each year. Especially since I’ve had some 7-9 year olds call me on how boring I was!

Anyhow…the journey to throw my son a great party combined with my Internet Marketing background has prompted the birth of HalloweenGames4Kids.com.

Our family is now dedicated to pooling all of our ideas and collecting ideas from other teachers or parents to make this site the one stop resource for all things Halloween and Game related for school aged children.

Your support (by visiting regularly, referring others, linking to the site, sharing your ideas and asking for things of interest) will be critical to our growth.

You can start by signing up for our newsletter, sending feedback and we will contact you. Please don’t forget to Bookmark This Site and come back regularly.

P.S. Feel free to visit our Scrapbooking Directions site – to learn how to make a Scrapbook for your Halloween events this year!

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