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Is your website dedicated to Halloween for Kids? If so, I know my visitors would LOVE to see what you have to offer!  As such, for 2011 I am finally opening up Halloween Advertising Opportunities here on Halloween Games 4 Kids .com.  Here’s how it works:

Our Advertising prices range anywhere from $45 – $350/month depending on what kind of ad you wish to place and where.

  1. If you wish to advertise with a square banner image on the home page (within the main salescopy for example, the cost is $200/month – as any clicks on it will inevitably take away from my sales)* For this opportunity I have 2 available slots! Please act now to reserve yours!
  1. If you wish to advertise with a text link on the left column at the very top left corner (in it’s own widget area) – the cost (whether it is text or a graphic) will be $150/month (as that image is always visible no matter what page is being visited)
    • *If you wish to do both of the above, the cost is $300/month
  1. If you wish to advertise on a fully optimized exclusively designed, full page with text and or images that you design and we approve (linked to via it’s own widget section along the top left (above downloads), the cost is $350/month – for multiple pages (exclusive to your business) – such as posts and or pages – we will offer a bulk discount.
  1. If you wish to have a link added in the We Recommend Section along the left the cost for this is $75/month
  1. And any other text link added on any SPECIFIC page is $45/month (I will arrange a bulk discount for multiple pages).

NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS: We will be adding a Halloween Website Directory in the near future if we get enough advertiser interest this year as well.  All of those who elected to advertise in 2011 – will receive 1 year free inclusion to our Halloween Directory as well!  You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Please contact our Internet Marketing Partner (Cijaye Creative) to arrange your advertising space today! *Please also include the location or PAGE URL’s for desired ad space and we will share the text or image sizes you desire.

Contact info: subject=Advertising On Halloween Games For Kids

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