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Looking for entertaining and decorative Halloween Activities this weekend?

Halloween is fun for everyone, especially kids who love to play dressup.  Unless they are into theatre, when else do they get to play with makeup and pretend they are monsters (most parents can argue that one out), superheroes, and celebrities or get to eat tons of candy and run around the neighborhood being encouraged to scare people exactly?  

But Halloween isn’t just about dress up anymore. You can decorate, do crafts, make cool halloween recipes and just go all out if you want to.  And it’s FUN for everyone. It’s like a mini theatrical production for one day a year.  So much fun.  So why not plan early and make it the most fun possible right?

So where do you start?

Halloween is one of the most loved holidays and here are three fun things you can do with your kids to get ready for the holiday to get you started.

Creating a Haunted Castle

This was something I always enjoyed doing in college, is easy to do and will help to keep your kids entertained for hours.  You buy large sheets of foamboard or Styrofoam and have an adult burn out bricks by using a kitchen lighter to carve out where the cement or mortar would be.  Then when everything cools off (almost instantly), the castle walls are ready to cut to fit your porch or to cover part of the front of your house and make a spooky castle entry way.  


Give the kids paint to paint the bricks and the mortar whatever color they want.  If you really want to get creative, cut out a window and let them paint a character, person or monster to stare out of the window.  You can also let them get creative by putting on animals, glitter, cutouts, using colors that wouldn’t normally appear on castles or having them create the theme.  They can then add on fake spiders, spider webs and other things which you would find in a scary castle.  You can even add in ghosts that hang from the ceilings.  

Then if your kids are out trick or treating and you are back home handing out candy, you can quickly change into one of your favorite witch costumes and get ready to put a fun little scare into them by creeping out of their Haunted Castle when they return. You may need to tag team on the timing with someone on this – but it certainly gives you all a lot more to get a kick out of!

AND: if you want to go all out with it, you can also stand beside the castle with an eerie look in your face, stirring a smokey cauldron. 

 (For this smokey cauldron effect, just take a leak proof black cauldron, fill it with warm water and then drop in dry ice and place the candy bowl over it to create a scary effect.  Just don’t let the kids near the dry ice and watch your hands as it can be very dangerous.)   

Make Caramel App-o-Lanterns – from    

One thing that is always enjoyable for kids that are old enough to carve pumpkins is carving their favorite snacks or doing MORE with them than usual.  

For example, the kids can take apples and a pumpkin carving kit (or have an adult do this part); hollow out an apple with a knife and then let your kids carve their favorite scary face into the apple.  

Then take liquid caramel sauce and pour it through the top of the hollowed out apple so that the caramel pours through the mouth.  Now take apple slices and lay them around the apple and pour caramel sauce over the bottoms of the apples.  Now your kids have something really fun and creepy to look at and take pictures with PLUS it’s a fun way to eat a healthy snack for Halloween.  


Make Halloween Gift Baskets For Friends Or Family Overseas

One thing that is tricky for families is when you have someone travelling, in the military or for family members that just moved to another town – it’s especially difficult if they were always part of your Halloween adventures.  So one fun holiday gift or idea besides sending something like gourmet gift baskets , is to send one filled with all kinds of Halloween gags.  You can work together as a family and build your own too.  

First: Have your kids draw a scary monster on a card and sign it with a funny name.  

Then let them choose fun things to put in like head bands with alien antennas or pumpkins that bounce around on top, wax candy vampire teeth and lips or even a fun animatronic dancing ghost or skeleton.   

Next have them wrap up and package the gift and then send it by mail to the person or people they miss the most.

Let the parents of the person they miss know that the gift basket is coming and when they get it, have the families or friends talk over skype and let them catch up.  Your kid will have fun showing off his or her costume and the kid or person overseas will love showing off how much they love the gift basket.  


We know that getting ready for Halloween can be hard work.

You have to put costumes together, decorate and even help to get your kids ready and to not be scared.  By letting them have fun, prepping them weeks in advance and making sure they know that it is for fun and to not be scared, you can have a fun and fabulous Halloween.  By having your kids help decorate your house, you can also help to keep them busy and be excited to show off how cool their houses look.

This will create a sense of pride in your children and keep the family active and inspired together!


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Oct 082012

Homemade Halloween Outfits

Halloween is an exciting time for young children as they prepare to participate in fun fall activities such as trick-or-treating and harvest festivals. However, parents often find that purchasing Halloween costumes is not only inconvenient, but it can be expensive. When children outgrow their costumes year after year, it can be much more cost-effective to make them at home. For this reason, the following ideas are offered in order to help parents to get started on making homemade Halloween activities from common materials that can be found in the home.

Old Linens and Clothes
One of the most classic costumes is the old sheet ghost get-up. While this style may be too common, there are lots of ways that a person can use their old bed linens and clothing to create a unique costume. For example, a black sheet can be turned into a cape for either a vampire or a magician. Additionally, an old formal gown can be used to create a prom queen or Miss Universe costume. For a young child, the tulle can be cut into strips and tied to elastic to create an adorable tutu that can be transformed into a fairy or princess costume.

Kitchen and Bathroom Makeup
Halloween masks can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for young children when they do not fit properly. For this reason, using makeup to create a mask is a safer and less expensive option. For scary costumes, the kitchen is the place to go to create fake blood. This can be done by simply mixing red food colouring with corn syrup in order to create the desired effect. Corn starch can be added to the mixture in order to create the look of a fresh wound. For less scary outfits, such as princesses and animals, regular makeup can be used to create special effects. For example, eyeliner can be used to draw whiskers, fur or even wrinkles. Lipstick can also be used to create bright red cheeks for a clown.

Odds and Ends
When creating a Halloween costume, it is best for a person to let creativity take over as they look around their house for ideas. Even the strangest of items can be used to create a homemade outfit. For example, balloons can be turned into bubbles, grapes and even bubble-gum to set off a unique look. Crayons can be glued to a child’s outfit so that they can be a crayon box. Finally, parents can let their children take the lead for coming up with ideas, then they can work together to find new ways to use basic, household items in order to make a creative and unique costume this Halloween.


After Halloween as parents we need to start planning Christmas, why not continue to be creative and recycle house hold goods to make gifts for children or even say thanks to mum and get plenty of nice Christmas gifts for her.




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Sep 282012

Halloween Pumpkin DecorThese pumpkins are not gutsy but they are full of something…. I call it pure Halloween AWESOMENESS!!!!

First, I can see these being done super quick – which is awesome for any mom; we love quick crafts.

But they are also completely adorable and classy!

Just love how they look!  And the supplies to make these are ridiculously cheap.

Not only would these make for great outside decorations on a “dray” Hallows eve, but I think these would be fabulous indoors.

I do want to offer a variation on the original Pumpkin Roll craft instructions though…I propose cinnamon sticks for the stems!

How fitting would that be really.  Cinnamon is a staple Halloween spice – and it will surely make the home smell beautiful!  Your Halloween Party Guests will love them!

Oh I cannot wait to make these!

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Sep 282012

OMG!  I absolutely LOVE this and had to share it.

I discovered it here on the Spoonful Facebook Page

But you can actually read all of the details here:

It was originally intended for Fathers Day of course, but it’s way too perfect for Halloween as well.

I can see a whole bunch of these on a table, in the shape of an owl already.  What a quick and easy Halloween Party Recipe!

For more cool Halloween Party Recipes – please visit the home page and consider downloading the Ultimate Halloween Party Bundle – which includes a gigantic recipe book for more great Halloween Treats!

Oh – and have fun with it.

There is nothing cooler in my opinion than hosting a Halloween Party, with some super cool Halloween Decorations and party treats.  The “natural”, outdoorsy side of Halloween is truly Enchanting.

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Sep 272012

Forget the dollar store stuff that looks cheap and lessens the value of your home decor this halloween friends.  This home decor is the perfect upgrade / addition to your Black, Orange, Purple and Green holiday theme this October!

Haunted House Wall Decoration

Coming to you from the sweet and wonderful folks at  Wee Decor, this Haunted House Halloween Wall Decal is just the greatest!

Its fun, its got a fierce, black, Halloween Cat (which in my opinion is a staple for all die hard Halloweeners) and it has spiderwebs and a tombstone.

What more could you ask for?

Well there is more.  I’ve also discovered this next decor duo which definitely appeals to me too.

The owls in the tree are so great. First of all, I love tree art, especially on a wall. Second of all – when it’s scarce looking tree like this – it’s even cooler.


halloween wall decorationsI would personally love to get these for my home considering I love everything about Halloween too.

If you click this link to the Halloween Decal search I did – you should be able to find both the spider web in the corner and the tree among many other super cool Halloween decals.

Won’t the kids just LOVE this stuff?

I know mine will. Yay!

Thank you My Silly Monkeys for introducing these and offering a giveaway contest.

I am totally excited to have learned about this from you.

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Aug 312012

OK parents, if you’re like us you can probably think of a dozen things you’d rather have your kids do than play with your smartphone. That said there comes a time when you absolutely need them quiet or pacified while you take care of something important or you’re in a public place and don’t want to disturb others.

When you got that shiny new iPhone I’m sure you vowed never to let them get their greasy little fingers on it but let’s face it, kids are persistent and when you’re wits end you just need a quick fix. So you hand them you phone and let them start pounding away.

For those of you who have the forethought this fall season season, why not download a kid friendly Halloween app or two and be ready for that stressful moment. I’ve taken the liberty to personally download and try out dozens of apps to come up with a list that are not only kid friendly (read: no graphic images or inappropriate content) and also pique some creativity or critical thinking.

1. Dr. Bubble Halloween

This app is take on the popular PC game ‘Snood’. If you’ve never played Snood think of a simpler version of the classic Nintendo game Tetris. It’s Halloween shapes are cute, and the gameplay is smooth and easy to use. Use this app sparingly as it is pretty darn addictive.

Age: 5+
OS: Android
Price: Free




2. Kids Shape Puzzle

All kids love puzzles and since it helps promote their critical thinking and spacial analysis, so do we. This app is comes from top Android developer Intellijoy, a specialist in development for children. There are more than 30 kid-friendly images to complete(and music that won’t drive you batty, so it should keep your little one busy and engaged for as long as you need.

Age: 3+
OS: Android
Price: $1.99



3. Halloween Stickers

If your kids are anything like mine they they absolutely love stickers and they’ll love this basic app from developer David Tillotson. Celebrate Halloween harmlessly with a unique and fun selection of over 30 stickers and a choice of 5 different themed backgrounds!

Age: 3+
OS: iPhone
Price: $.99


4. Adventure Basic Math HD Halloween

This application is great for parents with kids learning math and addresses many common core standards for subject. The students are able to enrich their abilities in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by engaging in these fun, educational activities. The app keep students engaged, and requires them think, all the while building a great learning foundation.

Age: 5+
OS: iPhone
Price: $1.99

5. Angry Birds Seasons

No Halloween app list would be complete without a version of the groundbreaking series Angry Birds. Angry Birds Seasons offers an entire chapter of 60 Halloween themed levels for your kiddo’s pure pumpkin smashing enjoyment. A G rated series from Rovio Mobile, Angry Birds Seasons is one of the most popular apps in the world.

Age: 3+
OS: iPhone & Android
Price: Free

Thanks for taking a moment to read through this list of kid friendly Halloween apps. recommended apps. I hope you found it helpful and that your Halloween season is fun and safe. Neil DuPaul is a seasoned internet marketer and father of two beautiful children. He operates a few Halloween costume sites including a Wonder Woman Costume site and a Catwoman Costume site.

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Aug 232011

Okay all you TWIHARD’s we know that Halloween is the absolute perfect time to show your TWIHARD side to the absolute fullest extreme! So here’s what we have to suggest for all of you…

  1. Twilight Pumpkin StencilsWhen you get your pumpkins for carving this Halloween, you should also get yourself a TWILIGHT Pumpkin Stencil so that you can carve the COOLEST Twilight Cutout onto your Pumpkin EVER!  Your pumpkin will certainly be the coolest on the block we can tell you that.

You can ad Jacob, Edward, Bella and many others to your Halloween pumpkin face this year individually and as a group!  You can carve images from Eclipse and New Moon – including ones of the triangle love affair between Bella, Edward and Jacob.  They are really cool.

I have to say that the New Moon ones are my favorite.

Anyhow, check them out yourself if you like you will find the ones you like the most.

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Aug 232011

Halloween Party Bowls We love love love these!  Every year we host a halloween party of sorts and every year we search for practical but super unique halloween decorations to add to the mix.

When we found the and noticed that they had a Halloween Decor section we were  over the top excited to see these little mousy Halloween Party Bowls!

They come in orange with black, and black with orange (with a white mouse) – and we are definitely getting BOTH this year.

Each bowl is 3×6″ so they are perfect for candy corns, green gummy bears, green thumbs (remember the ones you bought from the corner store candy bin as a kid). etc. They are also perfect for our spooky pretzels from our Halloween Recipes book. We love them.

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Aug 232011

skull decoration halloweenAre you looking for Halloween Decorations for your upcoming Halloween Party?  Not worried about budget so much as how COOL the decor is?  We recommend you check out the Halloween Decorations at – this skull decoration for example  is really creepy.  As they say on their site, it’s a  scary realistic skull that looks like it was just dug up from the crypt!  I think they are right.

A few of these on your tables or credenza would be sure to turn some heads. NOTE: It is not a candle holder (which would be cool) but it looks so life like that I think it would ruin the effects if it was.  All you need is some candleLIGHT nearby to flicker and you are good to GHOUL!   Happy Halloween Decorating folks, hope you enjoy the party.

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Aug 182011


To get your copy of this Halloween Scrapbook paper and accents digital pack – you must now visit: (our sister site) is celebrating the milestone of  2000 Facebook Friends!  We are soooo excited!  To share the love and appreciation for this great achievement – is hosting a free giveaway of the exclusive Digital Halloween Scrapbooking Paper and Accents Package today!

halloween scrapbook papers, digital halloween scrapbooking papers

We are sooo thrilled that we can do this and hope that you enjoy the files.

BTW: The file is linked below.  It will automatically open a SAVE AS window on your computer so that you can save immediately without waiting.  Please note however, this file is compressed in .ZIP format.  You will need a ZIP extractor (like WinZip or WinRar) to open it.

You should also know it is very large, depending on the speed of your internet and computer, it may take several minutes to download – so please be prepared to click and wait (you are welcome to browse this site for Halloween Games and Party stuff if you like), or you can go ahead and have a coffee or lunch and then come back to access it.

You may download the package for $3.99 by clicking the link below:

Digital Paper and Accents Pack for Halloween

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