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Homemade Halloween Outfits

Halloween is an exciting time for young children as they prepare to participate in fun fall activities such as trick-or-treating and harvest festivals. However, parents often find that purchasing Halloween costumes is not only inconvenient, but it can be expensive. When children outgrow their costumes year after year, it can be much more cost-effective to make them at home. For this reason, the following ideas are offered in order to help parents to get started on making homemade Halloween activities from common materials that can be found in the home.

Old Linens and Clothes
One of the most classic costumes is the old sheet ghost get-up. While this style may be too common, there are lots of ways that a person can use their old bed linens and clothing to create a unique costume. For example, a black sheet can be turned into a cape for either a vampire or a magician. Additionally, an old formal gown can be used to create a prom queen or Miss Universe costume. For a young child, the tulle can be cut into strips and tied to elastic to create an adorable tutu that can be transformed into a fairy or princess costume.

Kitchen and Bathroom Makeup
Halloween masks can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for young children when they do not fit properly. For this reason, using makeup to create a mask is a safer and less expensive option. For scary costumes, the kitchen is the place to go to create fake blood. This can be done by simply mixing red food colouring with corn syrup in order to create the desired effect. Corn starch can be added to the mixture in order to create the look of a fresh wound. For less scary outfits, such as princesses and animals, regular makeup can be used to create special effects. For example, eyeliner can be used to draw whiskers, fur or even wrinkles. Lipstick can also be used to create bright red cheeks for a clown.

Odds and Ends
When creating a Halloween costume, it is best for a person to let creativity take over as they look around their house for ideas. Even the strangest of items can be used to create a homemade outfit. For example, balloons can be turned into bubbles, grapes and even bubble-gum to set off a unique look. Crayons can be glued to a child’s outfit so that they can be a crayon box. Finally, parents can let their children take the lead for coming up with ideas, then they can work together to find new ways to use basic, household items in order to make a creative and unique costume this Halloween.


After Halloween as parents we need to start planning Christmas, why not continue to be creative and recycle house hold goods to make gifts for children or even say thanks to mum and get plenty of nice Christmas gifts for her.




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