Halloween Games for 8-11 years


Halloween Word Searches and Crosswords for kids 8-11 years:

Halloween Crossword

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles for kids 8-11 years:

Jigsaw Puzzle 1 (25 pieces) , Jigsaw Puzzle 1 (40 pieces) – Dare to try it?
Jigsaw Puzzle 2 (25 pieces) , Jigsaw Puzzle 2 (40 pieces) – Dare to try it?
Jigsaw Puzzle 3 (25 pieces) , Jigsaw Puzzle 3 (40 pieces) – Dare to try it?
Jigsaw Puzzle 4 (25 pieces), ,Jigsaw Puzzle 4 (40 pieces) – Dare to try it?
Jigsaw Puzzle 5 (25 pieces),, Jigsaw Puzzle 5 (40 pieces) – Dare to try it?
Jigsaw Puzzle 6 (25 pieces) ,,Jigsaw Puzzle 6 (40 pieces) – Dare to try it?
Jigsaw Puzzle 7 (25 pieces) ,,Jigsaw Puzzle 7 (40 pieces) – Dare to try it?
Jigsaw Puzzle 8 (25 pieces) ,,Jigsaw Puzzle 8 (40 pieces) – Dare to try it?
Jigsaw Puzzle 9 (25 pieces) ,,Jigsaw Puzzle 9 (40 pieces) – Dare to try it?

Online Halloween Games for kids 8-11 years:

Benn & Jerry’s – The Mummy’s Tomb
Ben & Jerry’s – Scoop Snatcher

Ben & Jerry’s – Whack A Ghoul
Alvin & The Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein Puzzler
Get Spooked with Dracula
Spooky Switcheroo

Jack O’ Lantern Logic

Halloween Classroom Games for kids 8-11 years:

Game Title: “Goblin Catcher”

Supplies: 1 children’s Witch costume and blindfold, 1 Halloween Statue (a pumpkin is sufficient), Fun Halloween Stickers (3-5/child – making sure that there are at least 3-5 of the same stickers for group play), a prize for each child (making sure that the winning team gets the bigger prize (ie: a full sized candy bar). *Optional: Green Halloween Face Paint or Funny Green Hats or Green Childrens Clothing to dress up the Goblins.

Preparation: Select one child to be the Wicked Witch – and center them in the middle of the class room gym or appropriate outdoor area – and next to the Halloween Statue (as a guard).

Split the other children into equal teams of 3-5 and dress them with the green face paint or clothing. Provide each child in each group with 3-5 of the same stickers (as the others in their group) for their own supply and have them create a circle around the Witch (with more than an arms reach of distance).

Game Play: Once positioned correctly, the Goblins will attempt to sneak inside the circle to the Halloween Statue. The objective is to place their sticker on the statue without getting caught by the Witch. If the Witch hears a sound, he/she points in that direction and yells, “Goblin”!

Activity Title: “Monster Mash”

Supplies: White Paper, Construction Paper, Different Colorted Textured Craft Supplies (such as felt, feathers, pipe cleaners, string or other classroom scraps etc), Large Garbage Bag, Glue, Single Whole Punch, Brads, Extra Large Googly Eyes, Coloring Pens – Pencils or Crayons.

Game Play: Let each child create the head, body, 2 arms, and 2 legs (in separate pieces) of a monster (placing their name on the back of each.

Next, ask them to cut the pieces out, punch a whole at the top of each piece and place them on the teachers desk. Once all in – teacher can carefully place each item into a large garbage bag – mixing up the order slightly to ensure that none of the original pieces were together.

Finally, ask each child chose 6 of the Monster Body Parts from the bag and with the brads connect them to make a new Halloween Monster. (Whether each child gets 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 body and 1 head does not matter). Voila – they now have a team effort Monster creation!

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