Sep 282012

Halloween Pumpkin DecorThese pumpkins are not gutsy but they are full of something…. I call it pure Halloween AWESOMENESS!!!!

First, I can see these being done super quick – which is awesome for any mom; we love quick crafts.

But they are also completely adorable and classy!

Just love how they look!  And the supplies to make these are ridiculously cheap.

Not only would these make for great outside decorations on a “dray” Hallows eve, but I think these would be fabulous indoors.

I do want to offer a variation on the original Pumpkin Roll craft instructions though…I propose cinnamon sticks for the stems!

How fitting would that be really.  Cinnamon is a staple Halloween spice – and it will surely make the home smell beautiful!  Your Halloween Party Guests will love them!

Oh I cannot wait to make these!

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